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A hypothetical 24 hours of indulgence and pleasure

So, I woke up this morning and my mind buzzed as I thought about MY PERFECT DAY. I’d love to hear yours, but first, here’s mine…

💆🏻‍ ⁠Note #1: guarantee I will sound like a bougie b*tch (I’d be disappointed if you didn’t too). Treat yo self.

☀️ Note #2…

A revolutionary yogic practice to explore our inner worlds

Image by Spirited Blogger

It was love at first sight when I discovered the ‘Self-Inquiry’ technique. A profoundly significant moment. A catalyst for change. An awakening that would shift the course of my life…

August 2018: my friend, and then sub-tenant, asked if he could host a meditation and discussion event in my home…

How expressing thoughts and feelings enhances self-awareness

Image by Culture Crusaders

Realistically, I thought I’d give up on my half-arsed experiment of journaling after a week or so.

Surprisingly though, it evolved into a sacred practice of self-development — one I plan to maintain for a long time.

As I discussed in Developing A Morning Routine, the outpouring of thoughts empty…

An eclectic and always-evolving list of podcast shows & episodes

Image by Yours Truly (Thanks, Canva)

As a ravenous consumer of podcasts, I’ve smashed out countless listening hours and soaked up plenty of good (and bad) content and information. So, I thought distilling the good into a neat package would be a fun exercise for me and a worthwhile one for you.

The podcasts below range…

A memoir of my lifelong love affair with sport

Image by Montreal Families

As far back as I can remember, I was bouncing a footy through the home or dribbling around a soccer ball and kicking it against walls (sorry mum).

I was a small kid — both in stature and self-belief. I lacked drive and motivation, but sport was something exhilarating I…

A poem - to care for yourself, your community and our planet

Credit: Fernando Volken Togni —
Image by Fernando Volken Togni

To me, self-love is self-care. Fill your mind with inspiration, your body with nutrition, your life with meaning. Have compassion for others, support your community, be kind to the planet.

Self-love is self-worth. You are loved and you are enough as you are. Your imperfections are your personal perfections.


5 steps to kick your day off on a positive note

Image by College Info Geek

Whether you’re time poor or rich, we all have some form of a morning routine. From my experience, it pays to get clear on how it looks.

Prior to September 2019 my mornings were an unfulfilling blur, but since then I’ve strived to change that.

Here’s the 5 steps I…

How to make the most of the opportunity COVID-19 offers

Image by Unknown

Lonely. Unproductive. Uninspired. Powerless. Paralysed. Imprisoned. Many of us have, or will, experience these feelings.

Physical distancing presents many challenges, but one benefit is that most of us can slow down, reorient our values and prioritise what matters most. Ask yourself… What do you want, need and truly care about?

How and why we should make conscious and intentional choices

Image by Unknown

Control has been taken out of our hands. Restrictions are limiting where we can go, what we can do and when we can do it.

Some will still choose to resist. Some will weigh up the risk vs. reward and decide they wish to partake in a certain activity. …

How to positively reframe your mindset during COVID-19

Image by Unknown

We’re amidst wildly unprecedented times. Scary and challenging times. Historic times. Interesting times. Times of change.

Maybe this all feels like a giant slap in the face and that ‘normal life’ is indefinitely postponed. But maybe your reality doesn’t need to be viewed through that lens. Perhaps you’ll discover a…

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